Night Rides

If you are already an experienced mountain bike rider and you’re looking for more challenging riding – this is it.

Times and location may vary, please see the Forum before each ride for details.

Different groups may ride at different paces, but a typical night ride will be at a moderate pace, somewhere between the “Medium” and “Fast” options of the Sunday rides. Rides take place all year round.

Currently, the night ride offering is typically:

Location: Winchester and surrounding area.

Ride Start Time: Thursdays at 6.30pm

Duration: Around 2½ hours riding and 25 – 30 kilometres (15 to 20 miles).


Evening rides extend well into the dark hours so you will need front and rear lights suitable for on-road and off-road that last throughout the ride, plus a bit for mechanicals/getting lost. A good guide for lights is to be able to see detail on the ground about 5m (16ft) in front of your bike, and last for at least 4 hours. Typical commuting lights won’t get you past the car park exit!

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