Milkham Inclosure Forest

(ref SU 217 103) 
This start point is highly recommended and is situated just off the southern end of the old Stoney Cross airfield. The obvious routes from here are through Red Shoot and Linford
from where the tracks diverge towards Rockford Common and Abbotts Well in one direction or down towards Picket Post and Burley in the other direction. Burley Outer Rails,
Bolderwood, Ogdens, Holly Hatch; all of these are within striking distance.
A NOTE FOR NEWBIES AND THE LESS CONFIDENT RIDER. We have designated this ride as one suitable for newbies and the less confident rider, and so there will be
one ride group catering for the appropriate speed and experience levels whilst giving people in this category a ride that will hopefully satisfy their desire to ride off-road and
inspire them to seek more opportunities and adventure
Starting Point: ///barn.noodle.enough
Starting Time: 10:00 Sunday 17 March 2024
Post Ride Venue: The Red Shoot Inn, Linwood

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