(ref SU 371 620) 

Inkpen Beacon is between Vernham Dean and Hungerford

Designated pub: 

This location is on one of the viewpoint spots along the Wayfarers Walk so it can get a bit full of car-sitting view-gazers but at our time of arrival, we should be alright for a parking spot. If push comes to shove, then there is another car park at Walbury Hill just a short bike ride (slightly longer by car) at SU 380 616 and we can re-group easily if we do get split up by weight of tourist numbers.

From here the rides will most likely be along the ridge line in either direction, or dropping straight off the side of the hill to take in Coombe, Linkenholt, Coombe Woods, Vernham Dean, Hippenscombe, and lots of other tracks used time and again in the Test Valley Tours and Off Road Challenges. Great riding in all directions and magnificent vistas to gaze upon during refuelling stops. It is also cheaper than the Test Valley Tours because we don’t charge you £15.00 to ride to see such sights as the Wilton Windmill, Crofton Beam Engines, Great Bedwyn canal locks and the Great Western Railway.

Starting Time: 10:00 Sunday 12 June 2022
Post Ride Venue: This is a day ride

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