HATCHET MOOR near Beaulieu

We will be starting from Hatchet Moor car park which is to the south of Hatchet Pond. This location can take us around the perimeter track of
the old airfield, perhaps taking in Diltons Farm in mud and other unspeakable mixtures of slurry. Or there is a loop
via Beaulieu around the fringes of Langley, Blackfield, Holbury and Hardley before turning southwards and heading
back towards Hatchet Moor or if neither of those routes takes your fancy, there's always Hawkhill, Ladycross,
Woodfidley and Denny Lodge on the north side of the B3055 road (the road between Beaulieu and Brockenhurst).
Starting Point: ///blemishes.pipe.orchids
Starting Time: 10:00 Sunday 10 December 2023
Post Ride Venue: Turfcutters Arms

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