GODSHILL on the road from the Fighting Cocks to Woodgreen

(ref SU 176 160) 

Directions to the start point are to get to the Fighting Cocks pub at Godshill just east of Fordingbridge, and then follow the road to the side of the pub. It goes downhill and through a ford before climbing up the other side of the valley. The road twists sharply at the top of the hill and the car park is right at this location.

From here sensible choices are southwards towards Pitts Wood and Hampton Ridge, Hasely, Holly Hatch and Linwood or northwards through Godshill Inclosure, Hale, Bohemia, Lover and maybe up towards the Pepperbox or looping back eastwards via Bramshaw Telegraph.

Starting Time: 10:00 Sunday 15 October 2023
Post Ride Venue: The Fighting Cocks at Godshill

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