Ride on Sunday 1st March - Happy Cheese, Ashurst

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Roger Shephard
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Ride on Sunday 1st March - Happy Cheese, Ashurst

Post by Roger Shephard » Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:54 pm

Don't forget folks, this is the ride where we hope to welcome people who are just starting out on cycling off-road and wish to discover something more extensive than the "canal towpath" style of mountain biking. We will be running a group that is suitable for first timers and families who may wish to stretch themselves to a journey through some of the more accessible plantations in the New Forest and perhaps to go slightly farther afield to discover new horizons. Starting from the Happy Cheese, Ashurst at 10.00 am we have chosen an easily accessible tarmac car park on the edge of the forest from which we can go through Woodlands, loop back towards Deerleap and work our way round to Denny Wood and finally to Lyndhurst at Boltons Bench. The plan is to take a refreshment stop in Lyndhurst before taking a different route back through Woodlands to arrive back at Ashurst. The distance travelled overall is designed to be manageable for people not used to extended riding sessions. You will probably want to bring along a cycle locking device for when we stop in Lyndhurst because there is no guarantte that the bikes will be in line of sight when we are having our cuppa and cake.

I checked out the proposed route last Sunday, and as you might expect, there is a lot of standing water and some soft sections, so please make sure you arrive with the appropriate clothing and weather protection. Bring a drink and a snack for the active part of the ride to keep yourself properly fueled and hydrated (irrespective of half time cake and cuppa). Remember to bring a spare tube or puncture repair kit and a pump to go with it, and in order for you to join our cycling group you will be required to wear a properly maintained and fastenable cycling helmet.

We haven't forgotten the regular riding groups, and so we will be staging the usual medium and fast paced groups as well as the gentler ride.

At the end of the ride there will still be an opportunity to visit to The Happy Cheese pub so we can all swap stories about our triumphs and tragedies.

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