Sunday 2nd February club ride from Fritham - M27 closure for bridge works

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Roger Shephard
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Sunday 2nd February club ride from Fritham - M27 closure for bridge works

Post by Roger Shephard » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:11 pm

Hi All

You will probably have read in the newspapers or elsewhere that the M27 will be shut on Sunday 2nd February 2020 to enable the final demolition and construction stages of the project to renew the bridge that carries the Romsey Road over the motorway. This bridge is situated to the west of the Rownhams services area, and just to the east of junction 3 at the intersection of the M271.

Last year there was a weekend closure that caused a large amount of traffic disruption as a result of official detours marked out to help drivers travel east/west and west/east where it was not possible to make an unbroken journey on the motorway. The traffic situation was not helped by all the drivers who thought they knew a good shortcut using local roads that would save them from taking the lengthy official detour routes. The nett result was some serious congestion on the roads around the environs.

This year there is going to be an even lengthier official detour and the possibilty of more serious congestion cannot be ruled out. Committee members have been talking via email about how to provide a ride for all interested parties without the need to sit in interminable queues of traffic. The consensus is that we should run rides from two completely separate start points.

The ride that has been published in the newsletter and on the website is due to start from the car park near the Royal Oak pub at Fritham at 10.00 am. This ride will go ahead as planned and there will certainly be a fast group, whilst Derek Johnson has volunteered to lead a medium paced group and these options should prove suitable for riders from the west side of our "home" area.

The other ride start point that Sue Marsland has proposed is from the King Charles Pub at Kings Worthy. There is on road parking and we would probably do the triangle between the A272 and the M3 that we have not yet fully explored on rides starting from this general area. The reports in from Winchester members are that Winchester tracks in general terms are wet just like everywhere else but at least are currently not the sticky type of wet mud, so the ride is quite viable. This option will probably suit our east side and northern members.

For any members coming from Southampton itself and trying to join either ride start point, to be honest, you will probably get caught up in heavier traffic than a normal Sunday, so the choice is yours as to whether to join one or other of the proposed rides or to pull up the drawbridge and put the kettle on for a long seige.

Whatever you decide, have a good ride or have a nice cup of tea at home and look forward to the ride next beyond the M27 closure date which will be from Sixpenny Brewery on Holwell Farm near Cranborne, ref SU 066 133 on Sunday 16th February (although details have not yet been put on the rides tab on this website but this will be rectified over the next few days)

sue m
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Re: Sunday 2nd February club ride from Fritham - M27 closure for bridge works

Post by sue m » Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:05 pm

Can you please let us know if you would do the Winchester ride - need to know if it is worth putting this ride on....

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